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Monday, March 20, 2006

Some Thoughts on Communion

I couldn't begin to know what your experiences are with your Church life, in the celebration of Communion.

If you are Catholic or Orthodox or the like, you likely take communion every Sunday.

I grew up, and have attended churches that take the elements once a month --- until the Church I attend now, that does it every week. (and in some instances, like a monastery, you may take communion daily.)

Of course, daily or weekly communion can in time, fall into routine, and even contempt, or just the numbness of nothingness. And until my experience with my current Church, I would have preferred once a month, to keep it fresh and full of importance and meaning.

My new church is far from being a liturgically based church, it just takes the elements weekly. And I truly have appreciated this new and more frequently celebrated opportunity. Here’s my thoughts on why that is:

First, the man who speaks and leads this moment in the service, intentionally helps us to slow down, reflect and pray, and re-relate to God in that moment, helping put the Commune in communion. He really helps us to ‘be’ in that moment, instead of it being something to ‘do’, and get over with, so we can leave. It is this granting of unhurried grace to us in the chairs, that this man helps us to simply ‘be’ in those moments in time.

I am truly grateful for this leadership.

Second, this weekly remembrance puts me in a place of communing with my Creator God that is the duality of action and contemplation; ingestion of the elements, combined with mental and spiritual engagement with God in adoration, thankfulness, contrition, and confession. If your heart engages with God, even if it this once a week, it helps to make that connection with God.

And Third, it is this confessional aspect that also is helpful, in that it helps me to keep short accounts with God. Keeping short accounts means that coming to God in confession, helps to keep you from wandering far afield from God’s mind and intentions in your life path. I appreciate that keeping short accounts with God cultivates your communication and intimacy of relationship, and it is especially good for the maintenance of this most precious privilege of relationship.

Lastly, the Church also puts up on the Projection screen an image that acts as a focal point for your mind and medtational thoughts during this time. And Having a visual element in this time is very nice to dwell upon the richness of these significant moments. Sometimes it is a Stained glass image of Christ, sometimes it is a Cross image. But I appreciate this visual component immensely.

I pray that you can think of new ways to keep the celebration of communion fresh and vibrant.

Only by His Marvelous Grace,

Paul Kiler


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