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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Stations of the Cross at Crossroads Church

This week, my church, Crossroads Church in Corona, CA, presented 11 Stations of the Cross.
(not to be ignorant that there are more stations than that, it's just that 11 artists volunteered to make artworks for 11 stations, so there are 11 of them... :-)

But the Jesus is Whipped and beaten Station, just seemed to be so terribly well done, with the whip ends being the words, "ME", or "YOU". It is about 12 feet long, so the sheer size of the whip is overwhelming as well. Not to give the other stations short shrift, they were also excellent, done by talented Artists.

This one just hit me at a point of personal relevancy... as I suppose that the stations are supposed to do...

Good Good Friday. With the anticipation of Easter... :-) Paul


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