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Monday, May 01, 2006

Barry Moser's Illustrated Bible, a First level source for Visio Divina image Meditations

Today, I wanted to introduce to you the Barry Moser Illustrated Bible, finished in 1999.

I am aware of only two bibles entirely illustrated in the woodcut style by one person in the 20th Century, The Moser Bible, and the Schäfer Bible, which I may cover later.

The Barry Moser Bible has 229 woodcut style images, done in a medium of plastic designed to mimic the best medium for wood engraving, English Boxwood.

Moser's images are starkly and terribly wonderful and extremely powerful. I am constantly stunned by these images, when I view this Bible. So Many of his images are really portraits, that do not limit the ethnicity of the person to western facial features, but many are semitic, giving great authenticity and strength to these portraits.

The versions appearing here are prepared by someone else, and their quality and contrast pale comparatively to their originals, but the cure is easy, and cheap...Buy a copy for yourself, and your family, and all your friends and loved ones, to share with all of them the power of images in their lives and relationship with God.

Here's a link for this at

This is really a classic and first level source of images to use in Visio Divina meditation... It's really a "WOW" bible.

The Road to Emmaus

John the Baptist

Elijah fed by Ravens

The Crucifixion (one panel of two)

Jonah and the Whale and a Young David

Here is a link for an internet story on Moser, and his life's journey, as related to his Bible images and their making:

Today in Literature: Barry Moser Bible


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is amazing. and its really strange for me, my mum died from cancer a few weeks ago, she was catholic,. as an artist myself ive been working on a drawing which resembles in form a woodcut, and the drawing is of a stigmatic.
i worked on it before during and since my mothers death, as it has been cathartic, perhaps the intention in some way spiritualy linking me to her. i have been opening up to god, (trying, as im a bit of a sceptic!), i look on google to find images of woodcuts/engravings that may inspire me to continue with this kind of work and i stumble across barry moser!
i wasnt sure if i was moving in the right direction,but i feel very positive about this. im not religious really, it is a journey, i was worried about the 'darker' aspect of the drawing, but its just like barry mosler says, the darkness is necessary to reflect the light. And i feel maybe theres evidence of God at work in the darkest recesses of my life after all.

5:54 AM  

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